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Romanian Aquascaping Contest 每 1st edition Results
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This month the first edition of the Romanian Aquascaping Contest came to a finish. The first one of this kind in Romania, the competition attracted a handful of aquarists from the country, who entered their aquarium in one of the 3 categories hoping that it would be a winner. We'll present the winners from the first and most important category: Planted tanks, with its 3 sub-categories: less than 100 liters, between 100 and 300 liters and more than 300 liters aquariums.


Less than 100 liters Planted Tanks

1st Place Winner 每 Drops of light in the forest 每 Petruc Dan Iulian


A combination of Dutch and Nature, with a solid triangular construction, Iulian*s tank snatched the first prize in this sub-category.

2nd Place Winner 每 Serenity 每 Godea Ionut


It*s amazing what 20 liters of water can hold as Ionut accomplished a good depth effect with this Nature nano tank. Again, we see a triangular setup based on a structure composed of a good selection of dark rocks. Good choice of a lighter substrate creates a nice contrast with the dark grey of the rocks and the plants* green.

3rd Place Winner 每 The good side 每 Alexandru Caileanu


A warm layout, with yet another triangular design, Alexandru*s tank mixes quite a few plants, giving it more of a Dutch look. We couldn*t help but notice the use of a lighter wood which is not very often seen in the world of aquascaping.

Between 100 and 300 liters Planted Tanks

1st Place Winner 每 NewScape 每 Vladimir Chirilov


A pretty unusual layout with lots of open spaces and a high contrast. The lush HC Cuba carpet looks great but maybe the E. vivipara looked better if it had been placed in the right hand side of the aquarium, in the back of Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides.

2nd Place Winner 每 Peisaj 每 Godea Ionut


A true Nature aquarium, very balanced and well thought out, this is Ionut*s second entry in the contest. Everything works in this layout: the rocks and pebbles, the substrate, the plants, the small pieces of wood, are all combined in a visual mastery which only nature could put together. Good depth is achieved by sloping slightly the substrate from the back to the front, creating a path and placing smaller rocks in the middle back of the tank.

3rd Place Winner 每 White Belly 每 Adrian Botoncea


Adrian*s entry constitutes a good Dutch aquarium with lush green and red groups of plants.

More than 300 liters Planted Tanks

1st Place Winner 每 Deep in forest 每 Bratulescu Narcis


Another combination of Dutch and Nature Aquarium styles, but with less open space left. For some reason this tank seems to lack a certain depth which could have definitely made it look better. Clever use of H. tripartita.

2nd Place Winner 每 Black green 每 Buculei George Romeo


A true Dutch aquascape takes the 2nd place in this sub-category. Plants look very healthy and the overall layout is well balanced.

3rd Place Winner 每 Rocky dreams 每 Apetrei Sorin Mihai


Mihai built a split Dutch aquascape creating a strong dark contrast between the black background of the tank and the rich colors of the plants. A good amount of red plants were used.

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